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The Subaru 818 was always my dream car, but working 3 jobs, I could never quite afford it, other than a few track days. So rather than obsess over 1 car, I figured I’d share my car obsessions with all of you guys and we obsess over as many cars as we want!

It’s nice to meet you all, I’m Jason from Texas, and you already know a little about me, especially if you’ve read any of my articles before. A small town boy with a passion for cars. Porches, Nissan imports, Mustangs, even a rust bucket around a field, I’ll take it all.

I work 3 jobs as I mention above, all kinda car-orientated. My day job is in my local garage ‘Jack’s Mechanics’ and this where I cut my teeth. Now I’m more than comfortable building an engine from the ground up! My second job is at a gas station and my third is spray painting – basically if it’s about cars, then I’m interested!

Let’s us share our passion, our tips, our advice and see what we come up with. Car818 is as much yours as mine – thanks y’all!