5 Things To Make Sure Your Car Retains it’s value

It’s pretty rare to think that you would buy your dream home and not make any improvements to it, so why should that be any different if you buy your dream car? Why go ahead and spend such a large amount of money, usually the second largest purchase in your life, and not try to increase its value or at the very least aim to retain it?

Your car basically starts to lose value as soon as it leaves the factory, it will continue on that journey of depreciation, but there are things you can do to lessen the financial blow. If you just drive your car then and don’t do anything else, here are 5 things to make sure your car retains its value.

Shop smart

It sounds simple but the less you pay for your car; the less you are likely to lose in the future. The best way to not lose much money on a car is to first get a great price at the point of purchase. Make sure you do your research and bring in a friend, we’ve all got one that knows everything about cars, to help you out.

Choose a good place to park

Little dents, scratches and fading plastic should be seen as similar to wrinkes appearing on the skin – they’re going to happen sooner or later, and they’re going to reduce the value of your car. But you can try to minimize these wrinkles by parking away from others, choose empty spots even of they leave you with a long walk afterwards.

Drive less

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but the less kilometers that are on the clock the more you’ll retain it’s value. It’s time to be the cheap one, if friends or family with an older car you should ask them to drive but pay for things such as the petrol. You’ve also probably got some points saved up somewhere, if you do then see if you can use them for rentals if you’re travelling a significant distance.

No food inside

The inside of a car really counts when you come to sell it on, you should always avoid eating inside. It can be tough to keep the car clean especially during the autumn/winter months. Simple things such as regularly shaking out floor mats, getting all rubbish out and wiping the dashboard from time to time, will all keep your interior looking good, fresh and also make you respect your car more – and so will your passengers.

Regular check ups; keep all records

We see the dentist 3-4 times a year, and our cars should see a mechanic around that many times too. They’re an expensive piece of kit, so take them to the experts to get the once over. What ever work is carried out on the car, make sure you keep all of the record up to date. This will impress future buyers and also show them that you have taken great care of the car.