Gift Ideas For a Long Distance Driver

With Christmas not too far away, it is that time of year that we all must start thinking about what to buy our friends and loved ones this year. I have always found that the trick to buying great present is tithing about what the person likes to do, and buy something within that, which you know that they will make use of. In light of this, today we are not just going to focus on gifts that you can buy for car enthusiasts, but gifts which you can buy for anyone you know that regularly drives long distances either for their job, or simply because they love to travel.  Let’s take a look at some of the gifts that you could pick up.

Audiobook Subscription

My husband regularly drives long distance for his job and in order to help his time run that little bit smoother on the road, I bought him a subscription to an audiobook service, which he absolutely loves. If you pick up one of these subscriptions then the person whom you are buying for can pass their time in the car listening to a great story and rattle through the books without even turning a page.

Travel French Press

Just because someone is on the road does not mean that they shouldn’t be entitled to some great tasting coffee. For this reason you should look at buying a beautifully designed French press coffee maker that has been designed with travel in mind. A coffee press like this will ensure that no matter where your loved one is, they can guarantee themselves a perfect cup of coffee.

Quality Phone Holder

Phones play a huge role inside the car, from using them for maps to accepting handsfree calls and messages. Many people go through several different phone holders because they don’t want to spend the money on something more robust, and this is where you come in. There are some fantastic phone holders on the market which use cutting edge magnetic technology to ensure that when the phone is put on the holder,

Puzzle Book

Even if you plan on driving for a long time, there are always moments when you are resting or waiting for something, and you need something to kill the time. A great option for a little gift therefore, is a puzzle book, a great way to kill time without relying on technology. These days you can pick up huge puzzle books with a multitude of different challenges within them, a great time killer!

Car Vacuum

Long journeys can mean dirty cars and a great little gift to pick up would be an in-car vacuum. These vacuum cleaners plug straight into the cigarette lighter of the car for power and many of them have great suction! Help your friend or loved one to keep their car clean with this handy in-car gadget which they can use when they head off on their long journeys.