My Thoughts on the TESLA cars

It seems that I can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing something about Tesla cars; they have exploded on to the scene of electric cars and are easily miles above their competition.

They have divided opinion across the globe, but one thing is for sure they are not going anywhere. Tesla is here to stay – I guarantee that!

People often ask me why I love Tesla electric cars so much and I often find it extremely easy to answer. Here are 5 reasons why it’s impossible not to love the electric car revolution that Tesla are currently leading.

Better for the environment

With global warming on the rise it has never been more important to look after our carbon footprint. Using a Tesla car is certainly one way to ensure that you’re doing your part. If they are better for the environment then they are also better for your health! Any electronic car is better for the environment because they do not have a negative impact on climate or air quality. The fact is that qe humans rely massively on living in a healthy world to keep ourselves healthy, it provides us with a higher quality of live, this then should be seen as a huge bonus for anyone that owns a Tesla car. 

You can hook them up to solar panels!

If you want to make sure that you’re making your electronic Tesla car the ultimate green car, all you have to do is put some solar panels up on your house and then you can charge your car at home as much as you like. There are even public charging stations that solely rely on being powered by solar panels. Renewable energy is rapidly growing across the country and also the world, this in turn is making it much easier for electric cars to be charged in a cleaner way. Using solar panels is the way forward, if we can charge are vehicles using the technology then we are well and truly winning!

They have a low cost of running

The cost of running my Tesla is really low and the price is relatively stable, it easily beats the cost of running a petrol car. You shouldn’t forget that when you have a petrol run car you are dependent on oil, and as we know the price of oil can fluctuate massively! Then there are also times when we face petrol shortages; you’ll see queues a mile long waiting to fill their tank and there is often a restriction on the amount you can use. If my electric car is cheaper to run, leaving me with more money in my pocket then I know I am winning – it’s just another massive plus about why I love my Tesla!

Do you own an electric car? Do you have strong options for or against them? I’d love to hear everything you think about these cars, your experiences, reservations and also how you see the future potential of Tesla. Just put everything in the comment section below this article. Thanks for sharing guys!