The 3 fastest road cars in the world

One famous commentator once said, we don’t know why we race but it will always happen. Another reason why we all race is because we like to see how fast we can go. Each and every year, car manufacturers across the globe try to get one up on each other by creating a care with more power, acceleration and a crazy price tag!

One of the most famous metrics is the maximum speed a car can reach. The faster a car travels, the more engineering issues arise. They have to take into account so many different factors. Here’s our list of the fastest production cars out there in the world today.

Koenigsegg One:1 (272mph/440 kph) 

The Koenigsegg One:1 does have a very strange name, but there is a method behind the madness. The aim of the engineers was to get 1 horsepower for each kilogram of weight, and the One:1 delivers on their goal. This magnificent vehicle weighs in at just 1360 kilograms and can give out a whopping 1,161 horsepower when it uses the regular pump gas. If you add ethonal gas to the twin turbo 5.0L V8 engine then the Koenigsegg jumps to an amazing 1,341 horsepower.

It’s funny to note that Koenigsegg didn’t actually aim for the One:1 to be a record breaker of top speeds – it’s just happened to travel at 273 mph. There are only 7 in the world and they were sold for 2.8 million dollars each!

9ff GT9 Vmax (271 mph/437 kph)

Most people haven’t heard about the 9ff, but this little know tuning company from Germany has gone and created one of the fastest road cars in the world. The 9ff GT9 Max actually started its journey as a Porsche 911, but there’s know way you’d be able to recognize that because of all the custom work that’s bee done to it. It is designed based on the Porsche GT1 LeMans car; this legendary design helps to direct the airflow when travelling at high speeds.

This car can reach an amazing 300kph in an amazing 13 seconds and will fly all the way up to it’s top peed of 437kph. That is amazingly faster than a Bugatti Veyron! The price for such a fantastic car? It will set you back 1,16 million dollars.

Henneey Venom GT (270 mph/435 kph)

When this car was first launched back in 2011 it was seen a very controversial car. It got in to a very public battle with the Bugatti Veyron by taking the Guiness record as the fastest car in the world. The Venom did reach 270.49 mph, but was eventually kicked out from the record books because it only actually reached its top speed going in one direction, plus they only sold 16 cars – this meant they failed to reach the 50 car quota that is required for a car to be classed as a production car.

The Venom GT will set you back $1.25 million dollars.