Why Hank Moody’s 911 is the greatest car of all time

Hank Moody is one of the best TV characters of our time. His presence on the screen has been a joy to watch. The one thing that Hank Moody had vas a Porsche 911 – a car that endured many bumps and scratches along the way. With Hank behind the wheel this iconic sports car became the epitome of cool.

What is it about the 911 that make it the greatest car or our time? Here we look at 5 reasons why it’s impossible not to love this amazing man made creation:

  • The Experience of driving it: You feel everything behind the wheel of the 911. I love feeling the weight shift around the 4 corners of the car. It really is a lesson in physics.
  • The sound: The sound from a top of the range sports car is what makes them stand out from the normal road cars. You can hear the engine of a 911 coming from a mile away. The purr of her engine is something to truly behold. You don’t need a stereo in a 911 because you just simply need to listen to the sound track of the engine lighting up your journey. The Porsche 911 is a sensual beast! With the induction and exhaust noise you feel like you’re in your own symphony.
  • The Brakes. If you’re going to be in a sports car you need to feel comfortable knowing that you’re in control. People always love to wax lyrical about how fast their car can go, but very few people will show off how quickly their car can stop. I was lucky enough to watch the brakes in action on a recent vist to Porsche’s top-secret Weissach testing track. We travelled at over 190 kilometers per hour before the driver stepped on the brakes and we came to a halt in no time at all. The 911’s carbon-ceramic brakes are probably enough to stop the earth’s rotation! Probably.
  • The Cockpit: Everything in the cockpit is perfect and focused around the driver; it’s simple and perfect. The 911 has its trademark 5 round binnacles on the display, showing you everything you need to see at a second’s glance; oil pressure, speed, oil/water temperature, revs and fuel level. In the more modern 911s the drivers are treated to many more electronic driver aids, none of the modern improvements have detracted in anyway from the pure purpose of this beast – and that is driving it!
  • The Heritage: When you think of the 911, you instantly associate it with sports cars and instantly see it as the top of the pile. It is also the king of GT racing having won the legendary Le Mans twenty-four hour race on numerous occasions.

I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t love the Porsche 911, it is the greatest car of all time and the good people at Porsche keep on improving it for us. These improvements will make sure that t stays ahead of the pack for many years to come.