Why the Subaru 818 is the daddy of cars!

Creating a supercar is a unique thing indeed and there are many things to take in to consideration to fulfill the supercar equation. Here are some of the most important points for a wannabe supercar; light weight, stout of power, firm or chassis and agile of foot.

More often than not supercars are only available to the 1 percent or the lucky devil that just own the lottery. That is not the case anymore! I introduce to you the Subaru 818, a mid engine supercar that you can get your hands on for about 10% the cost of the usual supercars.

The Subaru 818 uses all of the design and technology that other supercar manufacturers use. If you haven’t heard the best news of all yet, you can actually build the 818 in your garage or have a pro put it together for you! That’s one of the main reason I love this car – it’s cheap and you can build it yourself! There’s nothing better than sitting in a car you have built yourself, the sense of reward and achievement is second to none!

The 818 gets its name because when on the scales it weighs in at 818kg. The weight is on point for a supercar. Inside you’ll find it has a mid-engine. This means that the 818 has its engine and transmission nestled behind the driver. This is not revolutionary but it is simple, appropriate and effective at the same time.

You’ll love hearing about the cost of building this beast of a supercar at home. They estimate that it will cost you between $15,000 to $25,000, I think everyone can admit that figure is a small price to pay if you can get your hands on a supercar! You can register easily in nearly every state allowing it to be used on the road. The company says that a reasonable mechanic should be able to complete the process in around 250 hours.

Personally I love being able to build my own car. When that car turns out to be a supercar then it is like heaven when you’ve finished the whole process. My best advice for you is to get onboard the Subaru 818 train as soon as possible because you’ll love every second of it!

Have you ever built your own car? I’d be really interested to hear your opinions about the experience and if you’d ever try a similar project again? I am sure there are plenty of budding car enthusiasts out there that are pondering whether or not to invest in a kit car, your hints, tips and tales qill help everyone out no end in making their decision.


If you’re the proud owner of a Subaru 818 then send in your pictures and the progress if you’re currently constructing it. Tell us all why we need to get one for ourselves! Just put all your thoughts and musings in the comment section below. I can’t wait to read qhat you guys have to say.